Theatre for a Small Space
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Theatre for a Small Space brings live, classical theatre to Southern Californian audiences

Theatre for a Small Space: a registered non-profit arts organization is based in and produces plays in Santa Monica California.

We have been producing the plays of William Shakespeare under the name Colonials: An American Shakespeare Company at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica for six seasons.. The company philosophy is to present the plays as written and to allow them to speak for themselves. While we are not an “originalist” company – we do not try to recreate the plays as produced when they were first written – we strive to be true to the words in the script, the integrity of the blank verse, and the stories as Shakespeare crafted them. Before each performance we tell the audience to turn off their cellphones and get ready for an interactive experience: we, the actors, speak, and you, the audience, listen. This is how the plays have been expressed for over 400 years – it is a very different experience than watching a program on TV or a film in the movie theater.

In addition to Shakespeare’s plays, Theatre for a Small Space has produced several new pieces, including A Light in the Shadows, Excuse for a Swordfight, and Spirit of the Dane. This season we are thrilled to be producing Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece Waiting for Godot.


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Performances will be at the historic Miles Memorial Playhouse

1130 Lincoln Blvd,

Santa Monica 90403

Free parking is under 808 Wilshire!

8:00 PM Shows on May 23,25,30, and June 1,8,13,15 and

at 2:00 PM May 26,and June 2,9,&16

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