Theatre for a Small Space

Synopsis: Because Prospero, the Duke of Milan, spent all his time in "secret" studies of the "Liberal Arts", he let his brother, Antonio, run the state. But left to his own devices, Antonio lusted for more power and enlisted the help of the King of Naples, overthrew his brother, and seized the throne for himself. Instead of outright murdering his brother and his 3 year old daughter Miranda, Antonio set them adrift in the Mediterranean - assuming they would perish on the high seas and he could claim they were taken by the sea. But - thanks to the goodness of the minister Gonzalo, who supplied the Duke food, water, clothes, and food - the castaways made it to a deserted island alive and intact. The father and daughter spent 12 long years trapped on the island with only two other beings on the island: a nature spirit, Ariel, and a bestial humanoid, Caliban. Hours before the play begins, Prospero, using his magic, discovers that his treacherous brother and the King of Naples are on a ship sailing past the island. Prospero takes this opportunity to seek revenge and raises a great Tempest, shipwrecking his enemies on his island. Among the people shipwrecked is the King of Naples' son, Ferdinand. When Mirandah sees the young man, the two fall in love and this love transforms Prospero's thirst for revenge into forgiveness.